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Dubcharge Battery!

Dubcharge Battery!

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Dual-port Charging: The DubCharge V3 Battery can be charged by a USB-C or a Lightning Port cable! We recommend to not to use more than one charger at a time! 

Sesh Mode: Double-click to activate a 15 second Sesh Mode which pre-heats the cartridge and allows you to share it with your friends or all by yourself!

Pass-through Charging: DubCharge V3 Battery died? No worries, with our pass through charging never miss a hit! Just plug in a USB-C or Lightning Port cable and enjoy as usual! 

Temp Control: The DubCharge V3 Battery has 4 distinct temps you can choose from. (2.5V, 3.0V, 3.5V, and 4.0V). 

Auto-Shutoff: The DubCharge V3 will automatically shutoff after 15 minutes to save battery and prevent the battery from heating the cartridge unintentionally.

Battery Indicator: DubCharge V3 Battery will display three lights indicating the battery life. Green (100%-50%) Yellow (50%-25%) Red (25%-0%) 

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